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February 2, 2005 - Happy Groundhog Day! The band's been nominated for a Grammy Award again this year, in the Best Country Instrumental Performance category for "Earl's Breakdown" from the Circle "Trilogy" album. More information on the other nominees at the Grammy website. The Grammy Awards will be televised on February 13th (Sunday) at 8:00 p.m. ET on CBS.

I've updated a few pages on the site, including the Awards nominations and the big Track Listing page. I've added a new section further down this page, where I'll list which pages have been updated recently.

August 9, 2004 - Dualtone has more information on Welcome to Woody Creek at their website, including sample clips from all the songs. I've also been sent a promo copy of the Merlefest Live 2003 CD, but haven't had a chance to listen to it yet.

June 3, 2004 - New studio album !! coming September 21st, 2004, as well as NGDB songs on two new compilation albums. The studio album is Welcome to Woody Creek, from Dualtone, who will be posting song samples on their website soon. The two compilation albums are The Unbroken Circle: The Musical Heritage Of The Carter Family, and Merlefest Live 2003. More details on those coming soon.

If you haven't done so already, check out the email group I set up for fans of the band. It's small and not very busy so far, but we welcome new members. You can join using the form just below.

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Current Albums

  • Welcome to Woody Creek - Released September 2004
  • Will the Circle Be Unbroken, Volume 3 - Released October 2002
  • Will the Circle Be Unbroken, 30th Anniversary remastered edition, issued March 26, 2002

    Management Agency contact:
    Keith Miller
    2100 West End Ave. #1000
    Nashville, TN 37203
    TEL (615) 963-3000 FAX (615) 963-3090

    To contact the band via mail:
    "Band member name"
    c/o Nitty Gritty Dirt band
    P.O. Box 9995
    Bowling Green KY 42102-4995

    Recording contract - Dualtone Records

    The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's own Official home page is now at www.nittygritty.com and www.dirtband.com.

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